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Bad email, password, or unregistered user.

Classes and product labels

The technical condition of all our products is 100%. All products sold by us are subject to full warranty as for new products.

Partitioning of Refurbished Laptop Batteries into Classes Based on Special Load Testing:


New battery (**Capacity guarantee for 12 months)


70 – and more min. (* Capacity guarantee 90 days) (common work - Internet a MS Office)


30 - 70min. (* Capacity guarantee 60 days) (common work - Internet a MS Office)


15 - 30min. (* Capacity guarantee 30 days) (common work - Internet a MS Office)


(In notebook is battery, but is bad – not working)

Refurbished Laptops by cosmetic classes:

A- Class

The best-selling class, guaranteeing a good look. Minimal cosmetic defects (small scratch on plastic, ...) Equivalent to several-week use. The display is 100 percent as new.

B+ Class

Laptop display in 100% state, but notebook shows more traces of previous treatment and cosmetic defects are more visible. Hardware 100% status.

B Class

More visible cosmetic defects on plastic and display. The device is, of course, 100% functional and defects do not affect the technical state of the product. You can find detailed product photos in the gallery section where You can order the product as well.

Refurbished monitors by cosmetic classes:

A Class

Display 100% status, visible signs of use can be on plastic.

A- Class

Minimal cosmetic defects on the display that hardly identify in common work (defective pixel, scratch), usage marks also allowed on plastics.

B+ Class

Larger cosmetic defects on the display (for example, larger scratches, more defective pixels, bigger smear), but do not interfere at work and are fully usable

B Class

Significant damage to the display, plastic such as pixel stripes, large scratches, and the likewise. Usable in less-used locations, such as servers and so on. Great price advantage. You can find detailed product photos in the gallery section of the exact product where You can order the product as well.

Refurbished all in one by cosmetic classes:

A Class

Display 100% state, minimal cosmetic defects.

A- Class

Minimally visible minor defects in the visible part. Larger cosmetic defects of permissible non-look sides (back, side).

B+ Class

Smaller cosmetic defects, even on the display (do not prevent at work ) more visible cosmetic defects also on visible sides

B Class

Smaller cosmetic defects, even on the display (do not prevent at work ) more visible cosmetic defects also on visible sides. You can find detailed product photos in the gallery section of the exact product where You can order the product as well.

Renew goods:


Goods in 100 % condition. No signs of use in the original package.


Goods in 100 % condition, without visible signs of any use, only the original packaging is missing. Full guarantee as new.


It may contain fine, scarcely visible scratches, created during a remarketed process. Price advantage. Full guarantee as new.


More visible signs of previous use, more visible scratches. Small scratches can be on the display, without flakes. Ask your dealer for information about state. The biggest price advantage. Full guarantee as new.

Claiming conditions

The warranty covers material errors or technical errors resulting from the manufacture of the equipment.

Claim policy

The Complaints Rules are issued in accordance with the provisions:
law.No. 40/1964 Zb. The Civil Codeas amended
law.No. 634/1992 Zb. On Consumer protection as amended

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